Who is Liable for your Dog Bite Incident?

Dog bite incidents are getting more and more common with the passage of time. Each year millions of Americans encounter very unfriendly behavior from dogs. Well, we cannot do anything about them. After all they are animals with limited capabilities. Some dogs express more violent characteristics and factually they are a threat to the society. Still, there are certain complications in the dog bite laws. Each state have its own regulations but we are more interested to complete this post in a more general tone.

Let u answer this basic question first;

Straightaway, it’s the involved dog`s owner who stays answerable for any injury caused by an attack of his or her pet. Victims bitten by a pet in a public place reserve a right to file a claim against its owner, period! Well, those who met accident on a private property with having no reason or authority to be there cannot. Still, there is an exception. Getting bitten while maintaining a lawful presence on anyone`s private property will make you eligible for initiating legal proceedings for the recovery of the damages.

Vicious or not, it’s not your problem

In most cases it is not required for a victim to prove that the owner was aware about the vicious behavior of his pet at the moment when it attacked and harmed you. For sure, unawareness of a culprit dog is something that cannot let him or her go!

What you will have to Prove!

When suing someone for the damages caused as you got bitten by dog(s) you will have to prove one thing. The court will ask you to prove that it was not you who provoked the dog. Cases in which the victim fails in proving this point end up with no gains. This is an important thing to understand. Well, according to the personal injury laws, a victim losses his right to get damages when he or she is found involved in provoking the dog that attacked.

Claiming for Psychological Damages

Everyone knows, a dog bite incident can never be considered as a pleasant one! In fact, it brings sever mental and psychological wounds in additional to the physical ones. Perhaps, there is nothing more fearsome than countering a violent dog. As a victim you have every right to claim for psychological damage but it is way too difficult to prove in the court that any such thing happened. In our view, a good dog bite attorney could definitely help in preparing a strong case on your behalf!


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