Homeowner’s Insurance & Dog Bite Cases

Depending on the particulars of the case, property owners insurance may cover resulting damages from dog bites – understandably if any such accident occurs on owner’s home or property. Not only is this but dog bite damages may also be covered by automobile insurance in case if any victim sustained injury in a vehicle if the owner elected to stay covered for such an incident. Remember – each states have its rules, regulations and laws for the handling of such accidents. Thus, always consider hiring a local dog bite attorney only as only or she will be able to interpret the law properly so to bring the best results for you.

Well, in case if the dog`s owner does not have any such coverage, the injured party can still file a lawsuit against the owner for compensation against losses. To check the dog owner`s insurance status our dog bite attorney will request to see the “declaration page” of their; animal, homeowner`s or renter insurance. In case of the insurance it appeared to be inadequate – we will check whether there is a supplemental policy owned by the dog owner or not.

According the dog bite law, the most common defendant is the owner of the involved dog. However, the degree of his or her liability may varies on case to case basis. Usually, the owner is deemed responsible for the dog`s actions regardless their prior notice and knowledge about the vicious nature of their dog.

There are only two limited exceptions to this regulation.


i) If the dog is provoked then the victims own negligence will be considered during the determination damages.

ii) In case if the incident occurred on the property of the owner than they cannot be found liable (until and unless the victim is a minor. In some states there are certain specific age limits)


The Statue of Limitations for Dog Bite Claims


It’s actually the law that states and defines the period after an incident in which the victim should file a claim. After the expiration of this time period, bite victims may no longer be able to bring their claims against the damages sustained. Thus, the victim should try to seek legal assistance as early as possible.







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