Consider a Dog Bite Attorney – But Why?

It’s sad but true that only a tiny fraction of dog bite victims manage to get compensations. Each year, around 5 million Americans are bitted but the insurance companies pay around 15 to 16 thousand victims. Thus, it is deem important that a dog bite victim should always proceed with filing a claim under the supervision of a learned dog bite attorney. Otherwise there will be a very little chance of getting justice and it’s unfortunate. Perhaps, this alone is a good reason to hire a professional after becoming a victim of any such incident.


The Insurance Adjuster Related Issues

Insurance adjusters are smart people. They know how to play and take advantage of lesser understanding towards legal matters in the general public. They usually end up with keeping 80 to 90% of the total compensation. However a dog biter attorney will never ask you more than something around 33%. In addition to this more chances of winning personal injury lawsuits comes when a legal professional gets involved. So, to get what you actually deserve you should never trust anyone else other than a professional attorney with the required qualifications and accreditations.

Contingency Basis Model

In simple words it means that you as a victim will not pay any fee upfront or even in case of losing a lawsuit. In case of a zero recovery you will owe nothing. It is another wonderful benefit as it can bring great peace of mind and facility to victims and their families. Usually people don’t like to get indulged into the legal matters as they fear about expenditures. It is true! However there are several good dog bite attorneys, offering their services on “contingency basis”. This option is great for victims who are not very strong financially and that’s why cannot pay any sum of money to their lawyers.

Avoiding the Courts

More than 95% of cases with an involvement of a bodily injured victim are resolved out of the court. A good attorney knows how to prepare and present a case before the insurance company so to achieve maximum benefits. Thus, the hiring of an attorney is something that can assist you in winning a settlement claim without undergoing the proceedings of the court. Believe us, in most cases – clams settled outside the court are found to be more in victims favor. Plus, no chances of losing a lawsuit and confronting more financial issues stays intact.


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